From January 4 to 6 and having as headquarters the storage center MIKEL‘S (CAM) in Huehuetoca, State of Mexico and the Mision La Muralla Hotel in Amealco, Queretaro, MIKEL‘S held its 2018 National Sales Convention. that as every year organizes the leading brand of automotive tool in the hardware sector.

Bringing together its more than 80 sales representatives from throughout the Mexican Republic and its prestigious management and management team MIKEL‘S presented the results obtained in 2017 where it also set new goals for the successful development of sales during 2018.

It was on Thursday, January 4, when Engineer Eduardo Tamer, General Director of the organization, gave the inauguration of the 2018 edition of the “Leadership World Cup” theme, referring to the next football world cup in Russia, where the main theme was the teamwork and group union

This convention became a spearhead to give the start of a new year of work full of great challenges and goals to be achieved.

During the 3 days of convention the commercial areas and administrative presented the results obtained during the year then ended, where he handled a wide variety of subjects of great interest to attendees, such as technical training and practical training in addition to recreational activities which served to coexistence and integration between the 6 teams that formed to compete to prove who is the best.

For the closing of the event awards were given to the best sellers of the year, as well as the allocation of the new budgets that become objectives to achieve for this 2018 which will surely be another year of success for MIKEL‘S

With this Industries Tamer reaffirms its commitment to its sales force and to confirm again that MIKEL‘S is the leading brand in Mexico and Latin america in equipment, tools and accessories Automotive.


On November 1 Industries Tamer − MIKEL‘S was recognized as authorized members MEM (Best Mexican Companies issue 2017) .

This distinction gives a lot of satisfaction to the organization, because the process is based on audit and accredit all the developments, the planning and analysis of the information of all the departments that make up to Industrias Tamer S. A de C. V − MIKEL‘S and thus be able to achieve the award of: Best Mexican Companies to 2017.

Such recognition shall be granted only to private companies−mexican, were shown to have a high performance in the management of business

This being a platform to expose, recognize and promote best business practices which are given thanks to an initiative formed by Citibanamex, Deloitte, and the Tecnologico de Monterrey.

The eighth edition was held this year, which assessed more than 300 companies registered, of which only 138 companies were admitted, to conclude with a total of 85 firms award−winning only.

Of these 85 companies, 69 were accepted by their certificate, and were only 16 new companies that brought the distinctive, among which Industries Tamer through his trademark MIKEL‘S earned this recognition.

“My thorough recognition to our entire group of talented co−workers that day−to−day with us doing that MIKEL‘S is a firm tip and push national.

We reiterate our commitment to both our country, with our environment and with all of you, our business partners who make it possible for achievement is likely to extend beyond our company. You may be assured that we will continue to work with you and for you.

Our appreciation and respect, always”.

With these events MIKEL‘S reaffirms the commitment with the quality of its products and processes to their customers and the continuous improvement in all its areas.


With a great close up, the pilot Max Gutierrez won the eleventh date of the scoring of the Mikel‘s Trucks, which took place at the Autodromo Miguel E. Abed, Amozoc, Puebla.

With this result, Gutierrez Hope left the definition of the driver´s championship with Alejandro de Alba, the fourth site in the race this Sunday, for the last stop of the serial in the City of Mexico.

The driver of the pickup truck marked with the number 53 of ProRally–Maxitoys–GrupoIndustrialHoppe–Furor culminated in front of Giovanni Rodrigo (#1 NS Motorsport) and Andrew Cerecedo (#4 Adya–NSMotorsport), second and third place, respective.

“Now, yes we had a lot of work to win this race, we are already close to Alex Alba, I hope to be able to stay with the title in Mexico City, anything can happen, hopefully we go very well” said Max, who linked the flags to the boxes in the category after his victory the earlier date in Tuxtla Gutierrez, Chiapas.

The young 14 year old thanked his entire team, family and family support. In the meantime, Giovanni Rodrigo said happy with the second place, because, he said, during the weekend experienced a series of problems to put to point his truck.

“We are very happy, we had problems with the computer, the four trucks we accidentamos in Chiapas, the truth is that the team worked a lot, we do not reach the first two practices on Friday, we only had one” recalled the member of the NS Motorsport.

“In qualifying I failed the dealer, right now in the race I missed the gas pumps, a super result for the cons that I spent, we want the championship, although it looks very difficult, the guys give very good, MIKEL‘S Trucks is a big family” established by Giovanni.

For his part, Andres Cerecedo, who led many moments for the race this Sunday on the path and poblano departed from the position of privilege, thanked the support of his sponsors and noted the healthy competition he had with Max Gutierrez in the search of the first place.

“Very happy to have achieved this third place, we have been counting on the battle to achieve it, we have won a lot of time in the first place, the whole time has been cleaned with Max, in the end we have won, Giovanni Rodrigo, my coequipero, which gives me much pleasure, because it is in the race for the championship, an excellent race very competitive”;said the young driver

The last date of the MIKEL‘S Trucks and definition of the championship will be disputed next November 12 in the racetrack Hermanos Rodr√≠guez

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After you totally dominate the weekend, the pilot Max Gutierrez was awarded the tenth date of the scoring of the MIKEL‘S Trucks, played in the Super Ovalo Chiapas and Tuxtla Guti√©rrez.

The driver of the pickup truck marked with the number 53 Mothers-Maxitoy’s, who departed from the position of privilege, had no problems to keep the site referred to, and with this sign the victory of the campaign, in the oval chiapas of 1.2 kilometres in length.

“I think that with this we are going to a very good place in the championship and we’re going to secure the rookie of the year, there are still two dates and many things can happen, I hope to continue with this streak” said Gonzalez Hoppe, at the end of the race

The young man of 14 years of age said that despite the adverse weather conditions that were on track remained with the checkered flag in a race that was called #PilotosMIKELStrucksCorrenPorChiapas

“The heat was intense, I had to have a very good physical condition and support to all the riders who are very good, but in the end I was able to get an advantage. I want to thank all the fans that attended, I hope you have fun and have collected many things for the victims” said the young man steering wheel.

In the meantime, Erick Galicia, who finished in second place, said that was a competition complicated, but thanks to the excellent van that delivered him could finish on the podium, which allows you to fight for the title of novice.

“The truth was quite a career difficult, we were always fighting and very worn I'm sorry, but very happy for all the people of Chiapas, who accompanied us, gave me a great car, I want to thank all the engineers of my team for it” said the driver of the truck number 11 F34/ NUPEC/ Radice Bistro Gourmet/ G&G/ Circle 99 Billiards&Coffee.

The podium completed, the queretano Rodrigo Rejon-in-command of the van marked with the number 55 Mothers, who started from the sixth site.

The eleventh date of the championship of the MIKEL‘S Trucks will be raced in the International race track Miguel E. Abed in Amozoc, Puebla, on the 15th of October.

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It concluded with a lot from the participation of MIKEL‘S in two of the exhibitions most important of the country in the City of Guadalajara, within the grounds of the Expo Guadalajara.

Initially it was held the edition number 33 of Expo RUJAC, international exhibition of the auto parts Industry and Refaccionaries, organized by the Association of Refaccionaries Unit of Jalisco. The days 30, 31 August and 1 September. Where MIKEL‘S I have the approach with the end user of their products and present innovations in equipment, tools and accessories automotive.

Act followed from 7 to 9 September is development the most important exhibition of Latin America for the hardware industry, electrical and construction Expo NATIONAL FERRETERA. Which has been conducted consecutively since 1989

During these Fairs the mark MIKEL‘S 100% mexican company with more than 57 years in the market, ironmonger and automotive industries, present launches of innovative new products such as the vacuum cleaner for solids and liquids, recycling equipment of air conditioning, equipment and specialized tool, etc

The more than 100 square meters in the premises to the shows display of its more than 1,250 products were the perfect setting for visitors to know the lines that this prestigious brand present. In addition MIKEL‘S Told with the presence of its trained sales force who are in the negotiation table were able to close deals with distributors in markets refaccionarios and hardware stores in different parts of the Mexican Republic.

According to data of the organizers, both events had the visit of about 60,000 people, among them, executives from the automotive industry, traders, wholesalers and retailers, as well as the general public who were able to make the 52 thousand square meters of exhibition where were presented more than 1,500 companies in Mexico. America, Europe and Asia.

Once again MIKEL‘S as a brand leader confirms to be present in the most important events of the country within its field. Learn more at www.mikels.com.mx and in social networks as @mikelstools


In a career that ended on a yellow flag, the pilot potosino Alex Alba won in a spectacular way the ninth date of the MIKEL‘S Trucks, within the NASCAR PEAK Mexico Series 2017, which was played in the Triovalo International Cajititlan in Jalisco.

The new pilot MIKEL‘S, who started from second position, was made of the tip from the middle of the race, which ended with a yellow flag product by the truck driven by Ricardo Abarca who poured oil on the track after a contact

“A win is very exciting, the truth we are very happy, thank the team that did a great job, to thank all my sponsors for their support, because without them there would be nothing” said the young man steering wheel.

The potosino of the truck marked with the number 14 Plasma CNC Cutting Center / Solder / Mecca / Le Parc Gym / Pints / Juan Salazar / Mark Productions exceeded Max Gonzalez and Jorge de la Parra, who concluded in second and third place, respective.

Gonzalez, who departed from the position of privilege, lost the tip in the hands of Alex of Dawn at a stop in the pits when people have changed their half of the test is disputed in the Trióvalo of 1.35 kilometres in length.

For his part, Jorge de la Parra, said to be very happy with the third position obtained, “we gave a lot of laps as the leader, we had to be first, the best result of the season and now we go for the paintings”

In the meantime, the pilots Majo Rodriguez, on board of the truck, number 19, conclusion of the test at site 13, one place ahead of the young age of 14, Regina Sirvent.

The tenth date of the Mikel‘s Trucks will be held next October 1st at the Super Ovalo Chiapas.

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After a run quite tough, Max Gutierrez , #53 Mothers-Maxitoys, was awarded the victory in Queretaro, seat of the eighth day of the MIKEL‘S within NASCAR PEAK Mexico Series, where the young rider looked unbeatable.

Gutierrez with only 14 years of age, he took out his talent at the wheel for this entire weekend to be setting good times on the asphalt of the Autódromo EcoCentro, finalizing just the qualifying session in the position of honor.

“I’m very happy with the work of all. Little by little we were making an interesting race and one in which we were able to demonstrate that we are strong. I give thanks to my sponsors and especially the team, which gave me a truck pretty competitive all weekend” said Gutierrez.

The podium on this occasion was completed by Sergio Martinez with the truck #37 Dynamic Motorsports and Rodrigo Rejon with the #55 Mothers in the second and third overall, respectively, while the current leader of the championship Alejandro de Alba ended in 15th place after a racing incident at the helm of the truck #14 Plasma CNC-MIKELS Tools.

Unofficially, the Top 10 of the fair was formed by Giovanni Rodrigo’s truck #1 NS Motorsports, Erick Galicia with the #11 NS Motorsports. Erick Mondragon with #20 MRT, Majo Rodriguez with #19 Sidral AGA, Roberto Espinoza, with the #96 Combured, Jorge de la Parra with the #29 JR Motorsport and Regina Sirvent with the #2 Adya-NSmotorsport.

It should be noted that in this competition, the women pilot participating within the category had an outstanding performance which placed in the top ten of the eighth day of the championship, which demonstrate once again their huge talent inside and outside of the tracks.

In this way, and with an exceptional environment the MIKEL‘S Trucks said goodbye to the fans for with which he made a lot of synergy throughout the weekend, so time to go to Guadalajara, where will take place the ninth scale of the category the next September 10.

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A good work led to Rodrigo Rejon to get the win in Pachuca, Hidalgo, the seventh date of the MIKEL‘S TRUCKS in this 2017, then to trace important positions, in what was a race extremely exciting.

At the helm of the van, #55 Mothers, the young pilot completed a total of 34 laps of the circuit of the Autodromo Moises Solana, where, in addition to their opponents have not yielded in the search of the checkered flag.

“I am extremely excited, is something that we’ve been working all weekend and it was in good shape. I thank all fans for their support and above all for the team, which also had a great performance in and out of the track” explained Rejon.

It should be noted that Rodrigo went back to important places in the test, setting his best lap with a time of 57 seconds, 662 milliseconds. The podium was completed on this occasion by Ricardo Covers with the truck #3 and Giovanni Rodrigo with the truck #1, in sites two and three.

The result leaves Rejon somewhat moving away from the fight for the lead, however it is a fact motivating for him, after being away in some contests.

“The win helps us a lot to keep fighting for the championship, but it certainly is an incentive important on the personal level, and sponsors. It will now be the planning of the new powers, in which we will seek to continue adding victories” added the pilot’s Mothers.

The Top 10 of the competition was made by Sergio Martinez #37, Roberto Espinoza #96, Marcelo Garcia #21, Regina Sirvent #2, Majo Rodriguez #19, Sergio Carpio #20 and Erick Galicia #11.

In this way, and with a environment to stop, the MIKEL‘S Trucks Series said goodbye leaving a great taste in your mouth, for now take the road to Queretaro, seat of the eighth round of the championship in 2017, the next August 20.

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After six full dates, the MIKEL‘S Trucks that compete hand in hand with the NASCAR series Mexico, is presented as one of the categories that are most competitive in our country, proof of this is the tight state of the championship that you currently have, where the leadership is not fully defined.

The pilot occupies the first place in the series, Alejandro de Alba, who, with the truck number 14 has managed to maintain a hegemony with its rivals, which in each race seek to take the place of honor.

In total, Alejandro sum 266 units, which has been able to obtain thanks to great performances on the various tracks that have already visited the category in the present 2017.

Near the leader, we find Giovanni, Rodrigo, pilot, native of the City of Mexico, which launched with 235 total points at the helm of the van number 1 and this season has been a revelation in the championship.

Completing the Top 10 in the overall rankings, we have to Maximiliano Gutierrez with the truck 53, Ricardo Covers with the 3 (winner of the last date in Aguascalientes), Roberto Espinoza, with the 96, Marcelo Garcia with the 21, Sergio Martinez, 37, Rodrigo Rejon with the 55, Marco Marin with the 63 and Erik Galicia with the 11.

It should be noted that, in the category of novice, Maximilian Gutierrez tops the list as the best until the middle of the campaign, followed by Marcelo Garcia and Marco Marin.

As to the female figures, Regina Sirvent is the best of its genre, since it is located in the place number 11 at the helm of the truck 2.

In this way, and after arriving in the middle of the season, the MIKEL‘S Trucks is heading towards a second part quite interesting, which will be starting in Pachuca, Hidalgo, for after completing the year of competition with five more visits to different places of the country, among which highlighted Tuxtla, Gutierrez, Chiapas, and the grand final at the stunning Autodromo Hermanos Rodriguez in Mexico City.

**The pilot Ricardo Abarca conquers the Oval of the Aguascalientes in the MIKEL‘S Trucks**

Ricardo Abarca was awarded first place in the sixth date of the MIKEL‘S Trucks in Aguascalientes, then fight and have an end of a noise in the series, prelude to NASCAR PEAK Mexico Series

The pilot who drives the van #3 NECORE had a fight sport with Sergio Martinez and Alejandro de Alba for other exciting in the Oval Aguascalientes, which wore a great ticket to see the race.

I‘m very happy with everything that was done this morning at the career of MIKEL‘S Trucks, we had a truck strong enough and with which we were able to fight to the end. My opponents also made a great career and that she enjoyed the public of Aguascalientes, for which I thank you for ripping off myself by encouraging back-to-back, explained Abarca.

The victory of Ricardo was not easy as he had to paddle against the current in several episodes of the competition, which was played 82 laps, being the number 54 the best with a time of 28 seconds, 512 milliseconds.

In the end, the podium was completed by Sergio Martinez with the truck #37 Dynamic Motorsport and Alejandro de Alba with 14 PLASMA CNC, who certainly put on a show, quite interesting for the fans hidroc√°lidos.

The top 10 of the sixth race of the season was the work of Rafael Vallina #0, Roberto Espinoza #96, Andres Cerecedo #4, Max Gutierrez #53, Marco Marin #63, Regina Sirvent #2 and Marcelo Garcia #21.

In this way, and having a female representative in the Top 10 overall, the MIKEL‘S Truks will take way to your following appointment which will be next August 6, at Pachuca, Hidalgo, to celebrate the seventh stop of the NASCAR PEAK Mexico Series

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TAM Merida is in addition to the nearly 50 STORES AUTHORIZED MIKEL‘S around the mexican republic, on Friday, 7 July, cut the ribbon opening in Merida, Yucatan.

Maintaining the standard of quality, that is the whole concept of TAM (STORES AUTHORIZED MIKEL‘S) around the country, is opening this store franchise

With the presence of the team MIKEL‘S, the equipment of the franchisee and several guests, and visitors, proceeded to the inauguration and the ribbon cutting which was officially opened this new TAM Franchise.

With this new Authorized Store, MIKEL‘S about thousands of users to the right place, with the product and equipment to meet the needs of repair in both mechanical workshops as well as at home.

In this way, provides the best care and advice on more than 1,200 products in its line, the brand specialized in the automotive sector and ironmonger, divided into families of equipment, tools and accessories automotive the highest quality to a highly demanding market.

MIKEL‘S once more undertakes to bring his line of tools to every corner of the country, with this ambitious expansion plan, which promises to have more of a store for the state of the republic.

The contact details of the authorized store newly opened are the following:


Circuito Colonias No. 151, between calle 23 and 28 Colonia Yucatan, C. P. 97050

Tels. (999) 406-5019 y (999) 406-5018


Last Sunday, June 25, with the purpose of promoting a healthy lifestyle and away from drugs, the congresswoman Maria Fernanda Rivera Sanchez (PAN) supported the organization and participated in the XIV Race Against Addictions, convened by the Center for Youth Integration (CIJ) of Tlalnepantla, as part of a day at the national level that this civil association carried out annually.

Close to 800 participants from the branches women‘s and men‘s, toured the route of five miles through the main streets of the center of the municipality state, as part of the activities for the International Day of Struggle against drug Abuse and Illicit Drug Trafficking, which is commemorated every June 26.

Accompanied by Alfredo Torres Licona, representative of the mayor Denisse Ugalde Alegria, Javier Garcia Winder, director of the Institute of Sport of Tlalnepantla, Luis Gustavo Parra Noriega, state president of the association of Centers for Youth Integration, the lawmaker rewarded with television screens to the first places of each branch: Joaquina Cruz Hernandez and Romualdo Sanchez Garita.

The second and third place (Flower Iturbide Red and Jasmine Bermudez Flowers, branch women‘s and Juli√°n Sanchez Arteaga and Carlos Alberto Aranda, male branch) were recognized with a kit of sporting goods and hearing aids, among other products, while all of the runners, in addition to receiving a medal, participated in the raffle of a bike, tableware, scholarships, swimming, courtesies to restaurants and soccer balls

Him legislator acknowledged the sponsors, as MIKEL‘S, boards, directors, volunteers, and participants for joining the task of promoting the sport and the fight against addiction, as it simultaneously developed 60 races the length and breadth of the country.

MIKEL‘S supporting always the social causes and healthy recreation.


Was held the sixth board of ARIDRA 2017 Thursday 15 June within the premises of the CENTER, CITI BANAMEX, in the framework of the Expo INA PAACE, having as special guests to Industries Tamer and the presence of its CEO Eng. Eduardo Tamer, in which he spoke of as 57-year history of the company, as well as the evolution and development of the same, to become the successful company that it is today.

With a seating capacity of nearly 100 distinguished partners and authorities of ARIDRA Ing. Tamer in conjunction with the Commercial Director Lic Sergio Alcantara and the support of his management team of such a prestigious brand, we talked about the growth and vision towards the future based on a well-defined business program and directed to 5 markets in specific, as are the independent market, the ship owners automotive, the authorized stores MIKELS which have more than 50 branches established all around the Mexican republic, in addition to selling retail and export in more than 13 countries of Latin america, have given rise to the exponential growth of sales in recent years and with a projection so encouraging.

By the above Industries Tamer was awarded a recognition on the part of the association and to the credit of the attendees by being one of the companies 100% mexican most successful of recent years.


With a grid of 20 trucks, he lived a thrilling race until the last lap with a photo finish kept the fans that came out to cram the newly re-opened Triovalo International Cajititlan jalisco.

An exciting close was the one that Alex Alba had this Sunday for the win within the MIKEL'S Trucks, a category that is part of the NASCAR Mexico Series, and that he had in Guadalajara, Jalisco, for their fourth date of the season.

Alba made a career out of smart at the helm of the truck # 14, from which he sought the first places just threw the green flag of the race, which was agreed to 59 laps, it Was a great result, without doubt all of the pilots gave a display of sportsmanship to the last lap. I am very pleased and grateful with the team and my sponsors. Without a doubt, this victory is unforgettable, explained Alex.

The strategy in this race was of vital importance, carrying out the team of Alex a very positive ahead of the stops of pits, which gave great advantage to go beyond rivals, which not yielded a only metro in the hunt for the checkered flag.

The most exciting moment was the one that recorded the last turn where the first three places pressed at all times, leaving the throttle down, which made getting up from their seats to the thousands of fans who gathered in the stands.

It wasn‘t until the last few metres that defined the winner, this being Alex Alba who was cheered and congratulated by his opponents after the fast-paced race and a final. The second place went to Max Gutierrez in his truck #53 and the third place Giovanni Rodrigo with the truck #1.

All gave our best effort, strategies were key, but without doubt we had a good pace and a cool head, and I congratulate all the riders for the effort, this time touched me, and it was certainly the most exciting race in the series this season, finished De Alba, marked on the back 31 your better turning circle with 35 seconds, 881 milliseconds.

The Top 5 of the race was completed by Rodrigo Rejón in the #55 in the fourth position and Sergio Martinez in the #37 in the fifth place. The two Girls Racing you are participating in the championship were located in the following positions: Maria Jose R get higher #19 in site 13 and Regina Sirvent with the truck #2 at the position 16.

In this way, and with a victory memorable as Alex, Alba ended her participation in the MIKEL'S Trucks, series this 25 of June will be performing live new account, but in Leon Guanajuato, the headquarters of the fifth stop of the NASCAR PEAK Mexico Series.

We invite you to follow all the information on the championship truck competition Mexico‘s most important in our social networks FACEBOOK and TWITTER @MIKELSTrucks.


Tehuacan and Cancun are in addition to the more than 50 STORES AUTHORIZED MIKEL‘S around the mexican republic, the Friday, the 26th of May, cut the ribbon in Tehuacan, Puebla, and on the 2nd of June in Cancun, Quintana Roo. Maintaining the same characteristics of comfort and performance that contains all the concept TAM‘s around the country.

In point 2 of the afternoon in both cases and with the presence of senior managers of MIKEL‘S and several guests in addition to visitors, we proceeded with the inauguration and the ribbon cutting that officially given by enters these two new TAM‘s.

With these two new authorized stores, MIKEL‘S about the thousands of users, and motorists had to travel great distances in order to resolve problems of repairs in both mechanical workshops as well as for uses in the home.

And so to provide the best care and advice on over 1200 products that keeps in line the brand specialized in the market ironmonger of the automotive sector, divided among the families of equipment, tools and accessories automotive the highest quality the highly demanding market requires.

MIKEL‘S once more undertakes to bring his line of tools to every corner of the country with this ambitious expansion plan, which promises to have more of a store for the state of the republic.

The contact details of the authorized stores newly enters are the following


Avenue Jose Garci Crespo Not. 1218 C, and D Between 12 and 14 West (Almost opposite the Fire Station) Col. Buenos Aires, Tehuac√°n, Puebla C. P. 75730 Tels. (238) 371-7234 and 371-7127 tamtehuacan@mikels.com.mx


Avenue Jose Lopez Portillo, on the Corner of Uxmal SM 63 Mz. 46 Lt 9 No. 11 Urban Zone, Cancun, Quintana Roo C. P. 77513 Tel (998) 898-2882 tiendamikelscancun@prodigy.net.mx


The autodromo internacional Miguel E. Abed in Amozoc, Puebla, was the perfect setting to carry out the third date of the championship of trucks more important of Mexico, the MIKEL‘S Trucks championship, which goes hand in hand with the category of NASCAR MEXICO, which runs around the country for 12 dates.

The pilot of the capital Rodrigo Rejon, got a great result at the autodromo Miguel E. Abed, Amozoc, Puebla, to get the win and move up in the top of the podium of the category MIKEL‘S Trucks, in the second position Giovanni Rodrigo showcasing the great work done with the truck #1 Lava Smartphone/ Petrie/ Ace Advertising/ Brightphone/ Simulators Circuits/ Under Armour/ Hooters. And in the third place, I‘m Alejandro de Alba after having pulled in the first box of the output.

Starting from the fourth end, the pilot in the capital city Giovanni Rodrigo, led a thrilling comeback against the hobby which from an early time began to fill the stands of the track poblana.

We stayed, the reality is that we had some problems but with a cool head we got to move forward little by little to get to this podium. It is clear that you were in search of a victory but this is a good result that gives us the encouragement needed to continue working for in the first place, said the pilot.

Giovanni Rodrigo was grateful to the team for all the work done in the date and is aware that the following commitment is to go for the win.

I‘m happy, but not satisfied. The team worked great way, and so we will continue to keep on giving things. There is more, we have to go for the win to Guadalajara, that‘s the slogan for the next date. Thank a lot to all the people that follow me for their support and of course to the people of Lava Smartphone/ Petrie/ Ace Advertising/ Brightphone/ Simulators Circuits/ Under Armour/ Hooters, because without them this would not be possible.

MIKEL‘S the mark of tools, equipment and accessories automotive leader in the market ironmonger, automotive always supporting the young talents of the sport in mexico.

The following commitment of the MIKEL‘S Trucks, inside NASCAR Mexico Series, will be from 2 to 4 June in Tri√≥valo International Cajititl√°n in Guadalajara, Jalisco.

We invite you to follow us on our social networks as @MIKELSTrucks.


Released today the new category of Telcel presents NASCAR Mexico Series, the Pro Series V6, #MIKELSTrucks that they will start their season this march 26th at the Autodromo Monterrey.

‚ÄĚ We are proud to sponsor this category in a serial so important, Industries Tamer that is 100% mexican and your brand MIKEL‘S Tools, have no doubt that the category will be a success and we also know that motor mexican is an excellent showcase for all brands, not only to those that have to do with this sport, said Eduardo Tamer, Director General of Industrias Tamer.

For his part, Jimmy Morales, Director General of the NASCAR PEAK Mexico Series, said that this category of which will come the future idols of the sport engine is mexican, since this activity is in need of young blood and he said that we must not forget that the Trucks of the united States came out the current monarch of the Xfinity, the mexican Daniel Suarez.

The Mikel‘s Trucks is the base of a huge hotbed for the sport that we like and also the public to become a great category because it has all the elements to make it so. Visit all the squares of Telcel presented NASCAR PEAK Mexico Series, or whether the championship will consist of 12 dates, said Michel Jourdain, Director of Operations of the championship.

He was also present Alfonso Oros, President of the Mexican Federation of motor Sport, who before the requirement on the age of the drivers who will compete in the same, where as in the case of Max Gutérrez with 14-year-old said: The FEMADAC to be a test, but I want to clarify that there are children you could say at best that one of 40 years.

Alejandro Su√°rez is the Director General of Mikel‘s Trucks Series, he said they expected to close the year a significant number of these units and that this project is now a reality, what do I take as a reference anything that had to do with his son, Daniel, who now competes in the top division of NASCAR in the united States, as it is the Monster Energy Nascar Cup Series.

The pilots who were present, and that will be in the category were, Regina Sirvent, Fabian Welter, Marco Marin, and Max Gutierrez, who stated that they know it is a difficult challenge, but you have the security that very soon you will be catching your by your with the more experienced. They thanked the support of the Crowne Plaza Hotel of Mexico, the sponsor of the presentation of MIKEL‘S TRUCKS SERIES.

Industries Tamer and the Instituto Tecnológico de Monterrey CEM dan banderazo initial HALF-i

Continuing the alliance as partners training among Industries Tamer and the Tecnológico de Monterrey to declare as opened the so-called HALF-i on the morning of Monday January 9 in the presence of university Professors and Directors of the TEC, in addition to Managers and Directors of Industrias Tamer.

In this ambitious project, 18 students of the career of Industrial and Systems Engineering will be involved fully in the daily activities of the plant manufacturing processes of the Company, with the aim of enabling the students of a professional level to strengthen and develop their skills through experiences experiential learning, confronting the challenges of today's Manufacturing Industry National, as these challenges are going to face are real, that is to say they will not try to project fictitious, these are real problems that the company seeks to solve, this benefits the students get best of both parts: direct contact with the Industry where they acquire learning experiences and with the support of modules of Academic training of first level, to the Tecnológico de Monterrey, the breaking of paradigms in education models and to facilitate the integration of learning and to the company is the search of opportunities for improvement, creation of new solutions and successful implementation within production processes of the company.

This total immersion within Industries Tamer raises not only the relationship of students with their teachers and curricular materials in order to ensure the quality of academic and compliance powers of the race that unfolds, but also provides a first contact and very direct way to a work environment where it accompanies the students in the learning process outside the classroom, and in this case, with the support of mentors, advisors, and evaluators are highly trained, a company 100 % Mexican with more than 55 years of experience in the industry metal-mechanics.

Without a doubt, this project will give much to talk about in the coming months with the participation of the students of the Tecnológico de Monterrey on various projects applied to real problems of the company which shall analyze and develop a solution which is enforceable and verifiable within a certain time, a time more Industries Tamer reaffirms its support and concern for young people viewing them with the great future of our country.


From 5 to 7 January 2017 was held the National Convention of Sales as each year MIKEL‘S done by bringing together its sales force throughout the country, in a prestigious hotel in Tlalnepantla, State of Mexico, close to 80 agents specialized in the different families that make up the more than 1,200 products sold by the leading brand of tool, automotive sector, in the ironmonger.

It was the Thursday, January 5, when the Ing. Eduardo Tamer, Director General of the Organization, gave by inaugurated the edition 2017, which had for main theme Olympics MIKEL‘S and to be governed by the phrase Individuality makes us authentic, but the union makes us unique.

This convention becomes the tip of the spear to give the banderazo output to the new year where the commercial areas present the results obtained in 2016 and set new goals for the successful development of 2017.

During the 3 days of convention were handled on various topics and of great interest to attendees, such as technical training-practical work, presentation of new products, in addition, we counted with the presence of Mr. Miguel Angel Ortiz giving the lecture how to Do Successful a Sales Organization in addition to recreational activities related to the olympics and for this we divided all participants into 5 teams ( MIKEL‘S, TAMER, MANGO, Mr. BRILLO and WOW) that they fought to be the best and win some of the medals that were in competition.

To the close of the event handed out awards to the best sellers of the year as well as the distribution of the new estimates that become the goals to achieve for this 2017 which will surely be a year of success for MIKEL‘S.

As part of the recreational activities and to close with a flourish this successful national convention, Saturday 7 afternoon, a turibus transfer you on a tour of the main tourist areas of the city of Mexico, culminating in the sand in the coliseum to enjoy a function wrestling.

With this Industries Tamer reaffirms its commitment with the sales force to achieve again in the new year, the brand leader in tool automotive industry ironmonger.


The past month of August MIKEL‘S leading brand in Mexico and Latin America specialized in the sector ironmonger automotive, start a very ambitious program which is to promote and develop the equipment of workshops of automotive professionals by providing programs, tools and equipment more complete, so that these offer to their customers a comprehensive service backed by the best product which ensures maximum satisfaction in the shortest possible time.

It was in the shop MAYAK AUTO CENTER located in Guadalajara, Jalisco, where he was given the banderazo of output for this project which is intended to be spread around the country.

The development programme of the workshops includes the beautification of the site with representative images of the brand such as mechanics using tools, as well as the lettering of the fa√ßade with an attractive image to the client always backed up by the logo MIKEL‘S which generates confidence to our end users, in addition, it is equipped with the space for the repairs with product of the highest quality as rocking desmontadora, lifts, automotive, lathe brake, nitrogen generator, receivers of oil, guns, impact, etc., as Well as a large variety of hand tools and ancillary items to the workshop.

It is with this that MIKEL‘S confirms its commitment to support investors and entrepreneurs to start a business built on confidence in our brand.

If these interested in this development program, please contact us by phone (55) 5361 8061 and/or by e-mail ventastelefonicas@mikels.com.mx


The sun is the main source of energy on the planet. Solar photovoltaic technology converts light into electricity. In just one hour, the sun transmits to the earth's surface, more energy than the planet uses in a year. A free energy, clean, renewable, and unlimited that can be converted into electricity to power your company or home. In addition, its price is competitive with respect to other energies.

It is for these reasons that Industries Tamer (MIKEL‘S) has decided to implement SOLAR PANELS at its production plant to generate enough energy to provide the higher power supply and thus avoid the greater consumption of traditional electricity, achieving this to reduce costs and conserve the environment that surrounds us.

The solar panels, installed on our warehouse of raw material, to capture the daylight and convert it into electrical energy. His full name is photovoltaic solar panels (PV). When we grouped several solar panels, we are a solar energy system full. We can use the solar electricity free of charge for the supply of our company and reduce the electricity generated by grid networks or generators diesel with high cost.

A time, more Industries Tamer takes actions as a company committed with the environment.

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